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As hindi there are also demand of english status about life. People are very concern now about their life. But in their journey of success they have to face a lot of depression and failure. So that they need a lot of motivation in their daily life. So people search happy life status in english. The english status is also very popular because the world says English and they like to read in english. If you are looking for some motivation for happy life and successful life and finding the english status about life then you are in the right place. 

English status about Life

Worry so much work gets done But not so much that life becomes all 4,Everyone knows that life is suffering,People still ask and tell how are you.

Life is a way of hardship, to keep the floor special Success will definitely be found, just keep the intention good and fresh.

Earning hate is not easy in this world,A lot of apricots have to be kept in someone's eyes to knock.

Only our weight Of desires,Rest of life It is light

Both have to pay
Even to speak to be silent !!

When the anger is from the loved ones, then silence is good, now it is not necessary to fight everything

Learn to enjoy life,Time will continue to enjoy you ..

Your concerns are needlessly innocent The one who has given wings will also give the sky to fly

People say that improve or else life will get upset,We say life is rough anyway But if we improve, our identity will be changed ..

Those people who say that I do not mind, they are completely broken from inside.

Changing Status does not change Life,One Status is enough to replace Life ..

Say one thing… You will be the one who gives the most importance in your life, nor will you have the lowest value in your life.
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english status about life

Don't waste your time with explanations, people only listen to what they want to hear.

Things found before time loses its value And gained its importance after time ..

Frankly, I feel sorry for you,A person who suffers persecution feels bad,This world has become so beautiful If one day stays then the guest feels bad.

Time gets everyone to change life, but life does not get time again to change time.

Life's fund says,"Talk to those you like to do".But I want to tell you."Talk to those who like to listen to you" ..

Handheld touch phones,Just good for status,Be in touch with everyone,Good for life.

 What happened to me in life?People are not removed from the hearts ..!
                   English status about life  
english status about life

It is not necessary to name the relationship, some nameless relationships give breath to stalled life.

If you have arrogance and you get very angry then you don't need any other enemy

 The Problem in Life is so much to disturb But Attitude is also enough to surprise people.

No matter how much suffering you have gone through, you never want to leave those memories.
                  English status about life
english status about life

Experience says that… people do not matter whether you are happy or not, they only make a difference whether you keep them happy or not.

When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable

Life does not change in a few minutes, but a decision made in a few minutes changes the whole life, so give importance to the decisions.

The connection of tears is with the heart and not with the brain
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english status about life

That childhood disease was also good, in which school was discharged.

With heartfelt life, walk with heart…. Life is a little, a little smiling…

Bitter is true ..
Hospital and nothing…The toll plaza between earth and heaven is Which everyone has to give.

People say that I have changed now… .. what to tell them now, often the broken leaves change their color

Always like such people in life,Whose heart is more beautiful than the face.

Some people came to share my grief, but as soon as I was a little happy, they started getting angry.

If  you are right, anything There is no need to prove Just be right  Keep testimony time will give yourself. 

The word as small as "chance", For as long as it comes

Life is not what you wish for it, it becomes what you make it.

Date is witness Who are mourning to remain in the newspapers With the passage of time, those junk prices were sold

If ever you want to love in life,then love your sorrow because there is a custom of the world, you will get as far as you want.


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English status about life
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